Mel has lost a total of 21kg.. Six of these were in the first 4 weeks!

Meet Mel - a busy young mum of 4 children who has had an amazing transformation so far losing a whopping 21kg! Having a busy work/life schedule, Mel was initially concerned about what she would need to 'give up' in order to achieve her goals but has quickly come to realise that success doesn't come at the cost of missing out on life. If anything, she has already gained so much more! With a focus on progress and not perfection, Mel has managed to develop a sustainable routine that not only helped her shed 6kg in the first 4 weeks but has also set her up for longterm success.   


Taryn's turned her life around and is now feeling strong, confident & sexy! 

Before starting this program, Taryn was feeling completely depressed about her body. She knew that she needed to make a big change but she was stuck in a rut of self-doubt and lacked the confidence and 'know-how' when it came to achieving the change and results she desired so much.  Fast forward to where she is now and she's absolutely thriving! She's lost a total of 10kg so far and has successfully turned her whole life around. Better still, in the process of helping her to change, we have shown her how to do this in a realistic way that will help her to sustain her results longterm!


Despite suffering from PCOS, Kirsten has lost over 21kg so far & counting.. 

When we first spoke to Kirsten, she had been struggling to lose weight for over 2 years due to her suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. At the time, she had been training 4-5 times per week both on her own and with a Personal Trainer yet had only managed to lose a mere 5kg in 2 years. She was frustrated and desperate for answers. In planing her program, we knew we had to create something that was going to work for her - and work it has! Within the first 2 weeks of her program, she dropped 3.8kg and since then has gone on to shed a impressive 21kg so far. Needless to say she is over the moon, and even though she's encountered many obstacles along the way (she's a single mum of 2 boys and works full-time) she has continued to excel with our coaching and support. 


Katie confronted her fears of failure & has lost a total of 16kg so far!  

Before starting this program, Katie knew that she had to make some big changes in her life. She was overweight and  uninspired and yet the fear of "failing again" was holding her back in a big way. Well I'm happy to say that with the right support and a gentle nudge, Katie took a giant leap of faith and committed herself 100% to her program. Since then she has continued to shine in every way and her whole life has improved in ways that she never dreamed was even possible. She's lost 16kg so far and has a completely changed her whole outlook on life. Determination and a desire to change always pays off! 


Katye has lost a total of 10kg & radically changed the way she feels! 

A young mum of 3 kids under 3, Katye was stuck in a cycle that she didn't know how to break free from. She was stressed and tired, she didn't have any time for herself, and her relationship with food and exercise was unhealthy to say the least. Fast forward to where she is today and is a completely different person! She's happy, healthy and full of life and has come to some big internal realisations that have helped changed the way she views herself and her whole life in general. Hard work and persistence pays off, particularly when you develop an unstoppable belief and 'can do' attitude. 


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Lisa has had a massive breakthrough with her mindset & outlook on life. 

When Lisa first started this program, she had just come through a major personal ordeal that had left her feeling flat and somewhat helpless. Initially somewhat sceptical about how well she would go, she decided to take a leap of faith and as a result has radically transformed not only her body and life, but her mindset as well. She's happier, more energetic and more focused than ever and this new found sense of 'inner-power' has completely changed her life for the better. 


Time is no excuse when you're a single mum of 5 kids under 10 years!

If anyone had an excuse not to change, is was Karen. Recently single, working part-time and raising 5 young boys under the age of 10 left Karen feeling exhausted! Even though she was time-poor and struggled to put herself first, she knew that she had to learn how to do this if she wanted to successfully change. And changed she has! And her whole family are now reaping the rewards of a healthier, happier, fitter and more confident young mum who is ready to take on the world. 


Vicki lost 10kg in the first 12 weeks of her program & is still smashing it!

This program taught Vicki how to become more disciplined and empowered when it comes to taking action and smashing goals - and as a result she lost over 10kg's in the first 12 weeks of the program and is still smashing it! Through our coaching and support, Vicki has had some massive 'Ah-Huh' moments that have completely change the way she views herself. She is happier and more confident than ever and has a new outlook on life that is inspiring and contagious! 


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Sarah changed her eating habits and dropped 5.2kg in 4 weeks! 

Sarah was stuck in a bad rut when she first started the program. She knew she needed to make some changes in her life but she didn't know where or how to start. Sarah joined the program because she knew she needed some guidance and support when it came to her training and nutrition and as a result of her taking massive action, she lost 5.2kg in the first 4 weeks and is still going well with her progress today! She's fitter, stronger and healthier than she's ever been before and she's amazed herself with just how far she has come in a relatively short period of time. 


A young mum of 2, Bonnie's whole life has changed in just 8 weeks.. 

Meet Bonnie - an energetic, single mum of 2 young girls who has dramatically changed the quality of her life by taking action even when it wasn't easy to do so! Being pressed for time, Bonnie knew that she had to put herself first if she wanted to improve not only her life, but the lives of her family as well. Fast forward to today and Bonnie is a completely different person. Her body is changing, her mindset is changing, her life is changing & it's all because she said 'Yes' to the challenge to change! 


Corrina lost 10kg & changed her life in ways she never dreamed possible!

Coming from a sporting background, Corrina's drive and dedication to succeed was impeccably strong. Her confidence in herself on the other hand, was a whole different story! Fast forward to where she is today and her whole life has changed in ways that she NEVER dreamed were even possible. Beyond the amazing body/fitness transformation she has achieved, Corrina has discovered a newfound confidence and happiness within herself that she has never felt before - and as a result her whole life has changed for the better! 


Jasmin shifted her perspective and lost 4.8kg in the first 4 weeks!

Jasmin was full of faith and hopeful expectation when she joined the program and as such hit the ground running from day one.. 4 weeks into the program here's what she wrote: 

"I weighed in at 80kg this morning. Down 4.7 or 4.8kg from the 5th of April. I am so proud and amazed at myself. I haven't been under 81kg since I was pregnant with my first (child) 5 years ago... Definitely bringing sexy back!" 


The written, video and pictorial testimonials displayed on this site are genuine representations of real clients who have participated in this program. Individual results will naturally differ from person to person.