How To Make This Your Best Year Ever

Lets talk about goals. 

Personal goals. 

Career goals. 

Any goal really.  

Imagine what you could achieve in the next 12 months if you really put your mind to it…

You could run a marathon. 

Launch a new business. 

Change your career.  

You could even transform your whole body and life if you had a big enough goal and the right action steps to get you there. 

Let’s say, for example, you wanted to lose 30kg. 

Now you couldn’t lose this weight in a day or a week. 

It would be impossible. 

You could maybe do this in a month or two but even still, it would be highly unfeasible and not advisable. 

But anyone could lose 30kilos in a year right? Think about it - that’s just 2.5kilos per month or about 500grams a week. 

Achievable? You bet ya! 

It would of course require you to make some lifestyle changes, but given the right strategy and support, you could easily reach your goal if you put in the hard work. 

Herein lies the problem. 

Many people approach their ‘big’ goals with the wrong expectations. 

They put themselves under immense pressure to achieve their goals in unrealistic timeframes.  

But success is never a one-time event. 

It’s a process that takes times and the key ingredient to that progress is DAILY and CONTINUAL ACTION. 

Planning won’t get you there. 

Acting like a madman (or woman) won’t either. 

But taking action will. 

Now there are of course ways to shortcut your success but ultimately, the responsibility for putting in the necessary action lies solely with YOU. 

The good news is, there’s a magic bullet to your success - a way to guarantee that you will reach your goal...

STICK TO THE COURSE LONG ENOUGH, KEEP TAKING DAILY ACTION and you will inevitable achieve your goal :)  

So the question is – what goals are you working on at the moment? 

What hopes or dreams do you have for your life over the next 12 months? 

I’m here to tell you that truly anything is possible given the right strategy, and enough time. 

But instead of fumbling your way forward, allow me to give you 3 tips to help accelerate your progress. 

TIP 1:  GET A COACH – an expert in the field who can devise a personal strategy and help hold you accountable to the process. 

TIP 2:  SET A REALISTIC TIME FRAME – one that sets you up for success rather than makes you feel like a failure. 

TIP 3: FOCUS ON PROGRESS – not perfection! Taking action always trumps delayed intentions. 

A lot can change in a year - or not. The choice is entirely yours.

Here's to your success, 
Jay Geering