According to the latest statistics, more than 11 MILLION of us are now overweight by an average of 16.5kg.

Not sure how heavy that is? It's a lot.

Ever picked up a 15kg bag of potatoes, let alone carried it back to your car?

I'm sure most of us would agree.

Whilst the latest research suggests that we are "healthier" and "fitter" than we were 9 years ago, we are also now HEAVIER then ever before, and this has me concerned.

Not because you can't be happy or confident in a 'heavier' body - you can.

Indeed, who it is you are should never be defined by your body.
But here's the problem...

As a nation we are eating "'better".

We are smoking and drinking less.

Our overall health is improving, so too our fitness.

So why then are are getting fatter?

Why is it that 11 million of us are now overweight, not just by a little bit but by a lot?

The answer - and solution to this problem - is vast and complicated.

The thing that concerns me the most however is this: It's almost become sociably acceptable to be overweight. The new 'norm'.
And in my opinion, this is not ok.

Not just because of the short-term impact this has on the quality of our lives, but because of the long-term effects this will likely have on all of us.

After all, the known health risks associated with being overweight are well documented and understood.

Australia - it's time to step up!

It's time for us to take a good, hard look at ourselves in the mirror and get real about where it is we are at.

It's time for us to stop hiding behind the plethora of excuses that hold us back from becoming the very best versions of ourselves.
Life is for living.

And as a Wellness Coach and Trainer, my personal mandate is to help as many people live the type of life that inspires them to be their very best.

The very best version of YOU.

So what it is that you want your life to look like? What quality of life do you truly want to experience not just now, but in years to come?

Remember, the power to change always starts with us.
And Australia, it's time to change.

Here's to all of our success! 
Jay Geering

P.s. If you need help or simply want some guidance on how to make these personal changes in your life, shoot me an email and I will see what I can do to help -